About Us

“ We are a distinguished, diversified development Consultancy firm recognized for its serious and innovative work at the global level.”

The Center for Development Services (CDS) is an entrepreneurial business venture that works toward building vibrant societies and prosperous economies wherever it operates. We have offices in Egypt, Jordan, and Greece through which we collaborate with a wide range of partners and clients to mobilize technical and financial resources for planning and undertaking development endeavors in diverse settings and countries.
We identify practical and creative solutions for development-related problems, and build mechanisms to allow people and organizations to effectively use resources in improving standards of living, human and organizational capabilities, health, and environment that bring about a better future. Through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration, CDS leverages its expertise in natural resources and environment, health management and research, human capital development and partnership development to guide communities and organizations towards sustainable development.
A leader in the field of development since 1990, the Center for Development Services (CDS) was established with the mission "to support people and organizations realize their full potential and foster self-determined, self-sustaining change."
CDS was established to venture new approaches and innovative strategies for development work in Egypt and globally, intermediate and reconcile needs and interests of the local development-related agencies with those of the international donor community. Since then, it grew in relation with a large network of diverse donors, international agencies, UN-related organizations, local governmental and non-governmental agencies, and individuals in various communities. CDS has been recognized as the largest provider of Arabic-language development-related materials and a standard setting of development practice in the Middle East.

Our History

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